scrap car removals

Scrap Car Removals will get your car removed from your place for free of cost, Melbourne car removals offer to remove scrap cars for cash on the spot and provides prompt service. Our friendly staff will give you quote over the phone or via contact form on the right, and if you agree, Scrap Car Removals will then pick up the same day or arrange for your convenient time. The Car Wreckers Melbourne Helps for all kind of scrap vehicles

Free Scrap Car Removals Melbourne

If you have a scrap car that is irreparable, do not give it for free. Call Melbourne car removals team at the number provided on our website or you can also fill up the quote request form on the website and wait for a free no obligation free quote from us for a free car towing. Get free cash once you sell your unwanted and scrap car to us.
Cash for unwanted cars

No matter what the condition of your car is, Melbourne car removal will offer you good cash amount in comparison to various local buyers. Scrap Car Removals are one of the most professional and experienced scrap and unwanted car removal company that can provide you with an unbeatable cash amount for your scrap car which includes free car removals all throughout Melbourne. Our car removal process in Melbourne is very simple and we will also do all your paper work as well.

Why choose Scrap Car Removals?

  • Your unwanted car will be collected from your doorstep and we won’t charge anything for it
  • This is a quick way to save money and an efficient process of car removals in Melbourne
  • We have few of the most well equipped trucks that are advanced enough to carry or relocate any type of vehicle or over-sized cars or trucks.
  • We provide instant cash on spot for cars that are in good condition
  • We will pay for any cars whether they are functional or not

How long would it take for the car removal process?

The process of scrap car removal would usually take 24 to 48 hours. The client will have to remove any personal belongings from inside the car. Any other things within the car that were upgraded may have been removed since they will not guarantee the right bargain on the price of the car. Various stuff like the number plates can also be removed.

These could be given to Melbourne car wreckers for a refund. Proof of identity is much needed to have the car removed. This could be your driver’s license and various other forms of identification.

Benefits of Scrap Car Removals

Some of the advantages that car removals in Melbourne have include the following:-
Instant cash for unwanted cars still in good condition
Free car towing services
We provide same day car removal service
We wreck cars of all makes and models
We wreck cars of all brands (Mitsubishi, Ford, Mazda, Toyota)

We provide maximum cash for scrap cars. We give our clients with up to $6,000 in cash. No matter what the condition of your car is, we will evaluate it and set the price for the unwanted car. We can convert your scrap car into raw metal after recycling and reuse the major car parts as spare. We also put money in your pocket for car removals.


Scrap Car Removal

Melbourne Car Removals consider all types of scrap, damaged, old, unwanted and rusted cars. Scrap car Removals Company is offering very quick and fast services to convert cars in to cash. Contact us for any kind of services in whole Australia.
We are not dealing dealing in car scrap you can also contact us for truck, vans and 4wd scrap removing services as well.
Car removal same day
We almost complete all the formalities and paperwork given by the customer at same day and most probably it is done within one working day. Scrap Car Removals take care all the things from beginning to disposing and insure you that it is 100% satisfied.

How Much Can be a Scrap Car Worth?

Car Scraping is very easy and fast way in whole Australia. Car worth is to be calculated by some measurements like brand, condition and all. It is depend on credibility sometime your car worth’s may be more what you think as its all depend on manufacturer models and makes. More commonly, for peoples that don’t know the process for selling out the scrap cars and worrying about it, and also confused for pricing and all.

It is genuine and legal process where we provide free pick and worth of the car can be around $5000 If comes under the category of suv’s. In addition to, We are also dealing scrap trucks, van, ute, 4×4, SUV, Bus for top cash without hassle.

What is the Process of Selling Scrap Car?
Generally it is a 3 step process, contacting with us, Get Quotes after evaluating the car value, Get cash on spot.  In other words we can say that if you have any scrap car for sell, it is more common that you would be searching throughout the internet and find our services, just dialled a number given on website. Our expert will be getting in touch with you, and pay instant cash on spot.

Car Scrap Services in Other regions

As we are one of the biggest companies and has several locations. If you want to deals in anywhere in the Australia, Scrap Car Removals welcome for all Melbourne Suburb’s. You can call us on any time 03 8658 1765 and visit for Melbourne scrap car services here.