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Used parts for sale-

When we dismantle the car, there are so many useful part found that can be used in the same car for future. You can save almost 60% by using these parts in your car rather than using of new part. The list of part are given below-

We are selling almost all kind of smallest to largest part for the most of cars. Whenever you need any part, contat at 03 8658 1765 or write us an email for support and save upto 30%. For More information

Car Engine Parts-

car engine parts

Part name
Engine, diesel
Engine, from 2.0L petrol
Engine, 1.4 – 1.9L petrol
Water pump
Starter motor
Diesel injection pump

Car Chassis Parts

car chassis

AT transmission
CVT transmission
CV joint
CV joint boot kit
Front shock absorber
Rear shock absorber
Power steering rack
Power steering pump
Tie rod (end or inner)
Disc pad set front
Disc rotor


Car Body Parts

car body parts

Wind screen
PW regulator & motor
Front fender
Bumper (front or rear)
Door panel
Door assembly
Door glass


Car Electrical parts

car electrical parts

Head light
Tail light
Indicator light
Power windows main switch
Engine ECU
Power window regulator
and motor
Power mirror
AC compressor


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