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Old Car Removals get you guaranteed top cash in whole Melbourne for any old car removal. Here we are talking about old car that can be harmful for you in long drive because of its validity or power of engine. Many times we cannot take steps to sell our old car because of some personal reasons behind it but in modern epoch if you don’t alter the way of living; maybe you miss some new opportunities that you love a lot.

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Old Vehicle Removals Services That We Provide on Same Day

As we are considering all makes and models whether it is in any condition like 15 or 20 years old and could be any brand of vehicle like car, truck or 4x4wd. Don’t waste your time; don’t go for physical locations of removal of your vehicle. Melbourne Car Removals does the work for you.


Old Car Removals at MCR, appreciate that when you need to get rid of an unwanted vehicle (car or any four wheeler), an excellent way is waiting for you! You can always be a satisfied customer by our services if come with us and deal for your junk car and Old Car Removals will often remove your old car on the same day that you get in contact.

How To Contact For Old & Junk Car Removal

As we are the top car, truck, vans utes and 4wd service provider for any makes and model includes vehicles of any condition. Car removal is now easy to remove online by putting some details on our website or call us at 0384 887 987.


Need to Know the cost of any old car truck van almost available for good prices. Even near to your suburb whether its Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western doesn’t matters. Dial the number, get the details about vehicle that you want to sell, fix an appointment and get the deal done.

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Removing your old car from your garage for Cash

Do you have an old and an unused vehicle in your yard? Do you want to remove it from your property with paying much removal fee? Are you unable to sell your own car in Melbourne? Then come to us at Melbourne car removals. We buy, wreck and remove all makes and models of used and old cars, vans, trucks, Ute, and 4wds a throughout Melbourne. Old Car Removals have been providing free old and damaged car removal services and also provide top dollars for unwanted cars to all our customers.

Free cash quote from Old Car Removals Melbourne

At Melbourne car removals, we understand how important and precious your time is. That is why when you call us for your old car removal, we will and can offer you the best free cash quote. To get a price estimate on your old vehicle, you can call us on the number provided on the website. No hassles or haggling over any price. Old Car Removals will provide you with a fast quote for your old and unwanted car with free removal in Melbourne. Once you give us the green signal after the price quote, our free car removal team will visit your place and wreck your car for free. They will also pay you cash for your car.

Car evaluation by our experts

We have been removing and buying old cars for almost two decades now and thus our team knows exactly how much your old car is worth and the fair price for it. Old Car Removals are aware of the fact that, every car owner wants to sell their old car at a good price. Thus it’s a big reason why our car evaluation experts will your vehicle make, model, condition and age of the car. They will also judge the internal and external condition of the car and offer you the best price possible. Every car available to us in any condition is important to us. This is exactly what we offer you through Car removals, Old Car Removals pay cash for cars in Melbourne for old car removals.



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Free pick up from anywhere in Melbourne

No matter where you are in Melbourne, we will come buy it from you. Old Car Removals can offer you a good deal of cash for your broken and unwanted car. Our car evaluation experts will revise your car prices according to the vehicle market. That’s why you will not find any other company that can offer you such a good price like we do to our customers. We pay cash for old and used cars, no matter what the make, model or age of the car is.
We provide cash for all types of vehicles including the following:-

Call us for a free evaluation

Want to remove your old car or any other vehicle in Melbourne? Get ready for some cold cash for your car, along with free removal of your car. Call the number on our website for a free evaluation and a representative from our company will provide you with a free price quote for your car. Old Car Removals will deal with various car brands as well.