Basic car maintenance is outstanding when it comes to keeping your car moving on the road. Staying at the head of minor things helps a lot in avoiding huge expenses. Car maintenance increases the market value of your car as well as it attracts the people around your circle.

Your car doesn’t have to be so luxurious to comfort you but it should be in such conditions that you don’t feel any hesitation in driving it anywhere you want.

In this article, almost all the basic steps of “taking care of your old car” are mentioned in detail. When it comes to maintenance cleaning and conditioning is necessary, we did not mention its details because every car owner knows better the ways to his car better than anyone else.

Replace the engine oil on a regular basis:

The basic step of car maintenance is taking good care of the lubrication and fuel system. The central element that determines the lifespan of machine yield and spare parts is the engine oil. The function of the engine is to reduce friction between the elements that are constantly rubbing against each other.

The parts that rub against each other also posses some heat due to friction, thus reducing that friction is very important, if you can not completely remove it at least try to minimize it. And that minimizing function is carried out by the engine oil.

Engine oil carries a lot of important functions such as causes cooling and cleaning parts of the machinery through a rotating process. Engine oil contains a film that helps in the prevention of direct friction of the metal. Thus, replacing the oil is necessary before any bigger damage happens.

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Checking the radiator:

The function of the car’s radiator is to cool the car engine’s temperature. The radiator posses some water which needs to be changed. Keep checking the radiator for leakage. When you observe any leakage, you need to fix it quickly. Try not to make your car go out fuel, it can lead to corrosion which causes leakage of the tank.

Proper maintenance of the radiator is important to function your car at its best. It also helps in prevention from great damage to the engine or its components because of overheating.

Inspecting electrical components:

The electrical components make up the car. Maintaining electrical components of the car means maintaining the car. Before checking the electrical components, the power coming from the battery should be removed. If you don’t remove the battery, it might result in a short circuit. Must go through your owner’s manual when you plan to change or repair the electrical components yourself. A minor mistake in installing causes great damage to the electrical components of your car.

Pay attention to small components:

The maintenance of small components like wheels and brakes is necessary. Brakes should be kept in their best conditions because when they don’t act nicely, the situation might result in brake fade. Which is not at all a good condition. It can lead to a serious life-threating injury. In addition, the proper maintenance of the wheels should also be kept in the notice. Tire pressure affects the fuel economy. Also, its poor alignment affects the engine functioning.

 Using spread cover when the car is parked:

To maintain the exterior and paint of the car in a good manner, there are few steps we need to perform. Using a cover for your vehicle is a good idea when you park it outside the garage. It helps the paint to stay in place. It also helps in preventing cars from the dirt that is difficult to clean.

We tried our level best to provide you with all the tips to take care of your old car yourself. We hope it was beneficial for you.